Funko Pop! Authentication & Grading Services


Funko POP! Authentication & Grading Services

Not all Funko POPS! are created equal.

Big screen idols, TV stars, superheroes, professional athletes, anime characters and countless other celebrities, entertainers, and historical individuals have been immortalized as Funko Pop! vinyl figures for years.

PSA is offering a game-changing service!

PSA is now offering authentication and grading of these coveted, packaged collectibles. The popularity of these figures continues to grow every day, and demand for Funko Pops! found in mint condition keeps growing right along with it. We’ve heard customers’ requests and are excited to announce that PSA has created a comprehensive authentication, identification, and grading protocol for Funko Pops!.

Encapsulate your Funko POP!

Our hard-working team of graders will receive your Pop! and verify that the box is genuine and authentic. Your Pop! will then move to the grading process, where we’ll analyze the quality and condition of the Pop! box and assign it a numerical grade from 1 to 10. Then we’ll encapsulate your Pop! in a UV-resistant, tamper-evident case that shows off its certification details on the identification label such as name, grade, variant, and year.

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Benefits of Funko POP! Grading


Knowing your Funko Pop! is genuine is important to both collectors and potential buyers. The process of identifying your Funko Pop! as an authentic product offers peace of mind for yourself and potential buyers or traders. We will also identify key features of your Pop!, including its year and what variant it is, and other key aspects that make it special such as exclusives and other notable attributes.


PSA has established an industry standard for grading which utilizes a numerical scale from 1 (Poor) to 10 (Gem Mint) by which to judge the quality and condition of your Funko Pop! box with 0.5 intervals used as needed (except 9.5, just like PSA does with grading cards). We currently only grade single 4" Pops!, and do not grade die-cast, 2-pack, multi-packs, 6" Pops!, Pop! rides, custom, unlicensed, counterfeit Pops!, etc.


PSA encapsulates your Funko Pop! in a tamper-evident, sealed case. The attractive, hard plastic cases provide protection from most forms of damage.


Once your Funko Pop! is safely encapsulated inside one of PSA’s UV-resistant, tamper-evident hard plastic cases, it provides a perfect way to preserve the showcase for your collection.


The interlocking top lid provides the ability to safely stack your Funko Pops! on top of one another or position them side-by-side for easy ways to showcase your collection. The clear case even offers 360-degree views of your prized collectible!

Funko POP! & Autograph Dual Grading Service

Does your Pop! have an autograph? With Dual Service and Full Service options you can add-on to your Pop! Grading service.

Choose to authenticate the autograph alone, or you can authenticate and grade the autograph along with the Pop! itself.

Customize your service easily with our options!

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Funko Pop! Grading Prices

Pop! Grading


Pop! Authentication

Pop! Grade

Autograph Authentication

Autograph Grade

Turnaround time is less than 62 days

Dual Service


Pop! Authentication

Pop! Grade

Autograph Authentication

Autograph Grade

Turnaround time is less than 62 days

Full Service


Pop! Authentication

Pop! Grade

Autograph Authentication

Autograph Grade

Turnaround time is less than 62 days

Funko POP! Grading Scale

GEM MT 10 Gem Mint

This is as good as it gets! A Funko Pop! graded PSA GEM MT 10 will be virtually flawless. The box must exhibit a clean window that's free of any scuffs, scratches, or dents, and have sharply folded corners. It will have perfectly sealed sticker application(s), and ultra clean surfaces on all six sides.

MINT 9 Mint

A Funko Pop! that receives a grade of PSA MINT 9 may appear perfect at first glance, but upon closer inspection you may find 2-3 minor (but visible) imperfections. Examples of such flaws would be a very light scratch on the window, light indentations in the cardboard, a frayed corner, a small amount of sticker wear or residue, or a corner fold that isn't perfectly square.

NM-MT+ 8.5 Near Mint-Mint +

Still a high-end Funko Pop!, a PSA NM-MT+ 8.5 may have a couple noticeable, but still somewhat minor, flaws. This box may exhibit a very light or extremely small crease, multiple touched or imperfectly folded corners, light scratches on the window, ink smudges, a micro-tear on a corner, indentation lines, or other similarly visible flaws.

NM-MT 8 Near Mint-Mint

A Funko Pop! that receives a grade of PSA NM-MT 8 is going to exhibit moderate flaws that start to detract from its presentation. Examples of such flaws include light creasing, a lightly frayed corner, window scratches or scuffs, a very small stain, micro-tears on multiple corners or minor shelf wear.

NM+ 7.5 Near Mint +

A PSA NM+ 7.5 will display well, but will also exhibit minor flaws apparent upon closer inspection. Defects can include moderate creases, a minor corner tear, scratches or scuffs on the window, damage to the sticker, a moderately damaged corner corner, or a heavy indentation.

NM 7 Near Mint

A Funko Pop! that is given a grade of PSA NM 7 will show a few moderate flaws that detract from the overall visual appeal. These defects can include a heavy crease, a moderate corner tear, light yellowing or a small stain, a badly scratched or scuffed window, a very small tear, a light box-cutter scratch, mis-folded corners or moderate shelf wear.

EX-MT+ 6.5 Excellent-Mint +

A Funko Pop! that receives a PSA EX-MT+ 6.5 will have multiple visible flaws, such as: a heavy crease, a crushed corner, a badly scratched or scuffed window, yellowing or staining, a moderate tear, a small amount of paper loss, and other visible damage.

EX-MT 6 Excellent-Mint

A PSA EX-MT 6 will exhibit a number of apparent flaws, which may include heavy creasing, badly damaged corners, obvious window scuffing, paper loss, significant shelf wear, stains or yellowing, or a moderate tear.

EX+ 5.5 Excellent +

A Funko Pop! at PSA EX+ 5.5 level, shows some areas of crushing, heavy creasing, a large stain, paper loss, multiple corner tears or a badly damaged window.

EX 5 Excellent

The PSA 5 grading tier allows for a Funko Pop! to show significant damage, such as multiple crushed corners, a window tear, a large stain or significant yellowing, heavy creases, multiple corner tears, heavy shelf wear or a heavy box-cutter slice.

VG-EX+ 4.5 Very Good-Excellent +

A Funko Pop! that grades VG-EX+ 4.5 exhibits multiple significant flaws, including crushing, heavy corner tears, a heavily scratched or torn window, stains, moderate paper loss, or a pen/ink mark.

VG-EX 4 Very Good-Excellent

At the PSA VG 4 level, a Funko Pop! will exhibit heavy wear and tear, including sun-fading, heavy crushing, a cracked window, moderate paper loss, multiple stains or a heavy tear.

VG+ 3.5 Very Good +

A Funko Pop! graded at PSA VG+ 3.5 has significant flaws. These flaws may include heavy tears, a crushed box, sun-fading, heavy stains or a torn window.

VG 3 Very Good

A Funko Pop! that receives a PSA VG 3 will exhibit extreme damage that can include heavy sun-fading, large stains, heavy tears, a partially unglued window or seam or heavy paper loss.

GOOD+ 2.5 Good +

If a Funko Pop! receives a grade of PSA GOOD+ 2.5, it will exhibit all the qualities of a PSA GOOD 2, but will maintain a bit of structural integrity.

GOOD 2 Good

At the PSA GOOD 2 level, the box will barely function and will appear to be falling apart. Flaws will include heavy crushing, a mostly unglued window or seam, heavy tears in multiple areas, heavy stains or sun-fading, or large tears.

FR 1.5 Fair +

While the box barely provides housing for its Funko Pop!, a PSA FR 1.5 will exhibit all of the flaws of a PSA PR 1, but will maintain a semblance of structural integrity.

PR 1 Poor

At the lowest possible grade of PR 1, you can expect the box of a Funko Pop! to be almost completely falling apart. Flaws can include an almost complete ungluing of the window (the window still must be present), heavy stains, sun-bleaching, multiple areas of paper loss, or large tears.

The below points will be taken into consideration when grading and be factored into the final grade at the grader's discretion based on a number of factors, including the location and the severity of the damage and how it detracts from the eye appeal:

  • Damage to the figure itself
  • Paint flaws on the figure
  • Damage to the plastic insert
  • Price sticker being present
  • Sticker residue

A Funko Pop! exhibiting any of the following will not be graded and the customer will be assessed an evaluation fee (fee to be determined):

  • A counterfeit Funko Pop!
  • A missing or broken piece on the figure.
  • Significant paint defects on the figure.
  • Alteration of any kind, including a swapped sticker, a swapped window, recoloring on the box or figure, or a customized/repainted box or figure.

FASC designation: A Funko Pop! that comes directly from a sealed master case.

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