Benefits of Ticket Grading

Established Standards

PSA has established a recognized and respected universal grading standard for ticket collectors.

Ticket PSA Price Guide

PSA has established a PSA-graded ticket price guide that has enhanced stability in the marketplace for both collectors and dealers alike.


PSA encapsulates every ticket in a tamper-evident, sonically-sealed case. These attractive, hard plastic cases provide protection from pressure and most damage. Once encased, you can rest assured that your tickets will remain secure from further wear.

Set Registry

Just like for cards, PSA has a Set Registry for ticket collectors and, just like with cards, the possibilities are virtually endless in terms of creating interesting and fun ticket sets.


PSA can help you get the most for your tickets. Tickets authenticated and graded by PSA achieve amazing prices at auction.

We've Got the Facts!

It has never been easier to find information on your favorite PSA-graded tickets. Discover expert narratives, collecting articles, pricing, populations and checklists all in one place with PSA TicketFacts.

Submission Types


The authentication and grading of raw tickets using the PSA 10-point grading scale.

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For tickets previously graded by other companies that you want to cross over into a PSA holder.

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For tickets previously graded by PSA that you feel might be worthy of a higher grade.

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For any PSA-graded ticket that you wish to have encapsulated using PSA's most current holder.

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Ticket Grading Prices


Estimated Turnaround Time: 90 Days

Ticket must have a declared value of $499 or less


Estimated Turnaround Time: 90 Days

Ticket must have a declared value of $999 or less


Estimated Turnaround Time: 65 Days

Ticket must have a declared value of $1,499 or less


Estimated Turnaround Time: 30 Days

Ticket must have a declared value of $2,499 or less


Estimated Turnaround Time: 20 Days

Ticket must have a declared value of $4,999 or less


Turnaround varies with demand.

Ticket must have a declared value of $4,999 or less

Estimated Turnaround Times are estimates only and not guaranteed. A service level’s Turnaround Time is the estimated number of business days that an order will be completed and shipped back, once scanned into our facility. These times are based on, and may be impacted by, PSA’s submission volume and capacity and other unforeseen circumstances. Turnaround Times may change rapidly without notice as conditions change.

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Got Autographed Tickets?

Submit them for Ticket & Autograph Dual Service. Get your autographed tickets authenticated and receive a grade for both the ticket and the autograph.

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Third Party Ticket Providers

PSA will begin authenticating and grading tickets from Ticketmaster, TicketTron, and other select 3rd party ticket providers for sporting events. Special designations may be added to labels to distinguish 3rd party ticket providers. PSA will not be processing any print-at-home tickets.

Due to the printing process and type of paper stock used on some tickets, fading of the ink may occur, which could affect the grade if re-submitted under one of our review or reholder services. As a reminder, tickets are not covered by the PSA Financial Guaranty of Grade & Authenticity, nor is PSA responsible for any type of fading that may occur once a ticket is encapsulated in a PSA holder.

Souvenir Tickets

PSA will begin authenticating and grading official team-issued and league-issued souvenir tickets for select events in recent years (2020-present) where physical tickets were not printed. Only major sporting events (Super Bowl, World Series, All-Star Games, Playoffs, etc.) or milestones will be accepted. A special “SOUVENIR-NOT VALID FOR ADMISSION” designation will be added to labels. PSA will not be processing photocopies, etickets, or print-at-home tickets.

Milestones & Event Designations

You may request specific milestones or event designations be added to the PSA Lighthouse™ label when submitting your tickets for grading. Please include any supporting documentation from trustworthy sources.

Website Links

Trustworthy Sources

Trustworthy sources are important to ensure we are labeling with the most accurate information available. The types of sources that PSA’s Research & Identification Department will use to create milestones are from accredited sports news outlets.

Sports Illustrated
Yahoo Sports
Official Leagues
Associations or Teams (MLB, NFL, New York Mets)
Any Local News Outlets (Regional Newspaper or City Website)

Credible Sources

Below is a list of reputable sources that the Research & Identification Department deems credible. Sources that we do not deem to be credible would be personal blogs or websites, or any source that will sell items such as eBay.

Baseball –,,,
Basketball –
Boxing –,
College Football –
College Basketball –,
Concerts –
Football –,
Hockey –
Horse Racing –
Olympics –,
Racing –
Soccer –
Tennis –
Wrestling –

Include Proper Documentation

All the above information would help the Research & Identification team in processing these requests. Additionally, if you are requesting a milestone or event, include the designation and documentation on a separate page and attach it to the Online Submission Center confirmation page. We will not honor milestone requests in the form of Post-it notes, pieces of paper in the card saver or writing on the card savers.

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Important Reminder

As a reminder, PSA may limit the number of requests due to character limits on the label. If no milestone or event designation is requested at the time of submission, PSA will assign a default destination for the milestone and, PSA reserves the final determination on all designations. Please ensure that all milestones are written in the level of importance as spacing is limited and we will make the adjustments as needed to include one or both in reasonable fashion.

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